Who We Are

Alisa Grishman, Grand Poobah
Alisa is the creator and driving force behind Access Mob Pittsburgh. The self-described “chick on the bus with blue hair and butterflies on my walker.” created AMP to be a positive force for change with the goal of making Pittsburgh a better place for everyone.

Christine Napolitano, Right Hand
Christine is the auxiliary brain and support that helps keep Access Mob Pittsburgh moving along.

Join our Facebook Group, Access Mob Pittsburgh

The Facebook Group is a space for discussion and organization of Accessibility Mobs. Accessibility Mobs can be (but is not limited to) any one of the following:

* Organizing groups to canvass neighbourhoods to do censuses of sidewalks, intersections, and cut curbs in residential areas and business districts.

* Organizing groups to canvass business and retail areas to evaluate the level of accessibility individual businesses according to ADA and ABA standards.

* Ramp Crawls, Shopping Crawls, and related activities to reward businesses who are ADA compliant, to show the collective buying power or people with disabilities, and to demonstrate to a range of businesses that yes, people who are disabled like going out to night clubs and fancy restaurants.

All I ask is that any new activity being proposed be run by the moderators and discussed by the group at large before creating events. I like to not have too many rules for a group, so let’s all follow Wheaton’s Law, and if you can’t do that we don’t want you in our group. Cool? Cool.